Our Closing

After we get ready, hear the story, ask the wondering questions, and let our own spirit and creativity interact with the story, we’re still not done. We need a way to tie together our time with God’s story, to give an ending to our special time together and prepare to take it with us as we go.

The Light

When our children enter our classroom on Sunday morning and join the circle for the story, they see that the candle is lit.

The Calendar

When I first began experiencing Godly Play, this calendar was new to me. Now I’m absolutely in love with this tool. It is so helpful to children to physically have the visible cues to what season the church is in at any certain time and what comes next. I love the way...

Learning to Use the Bible

When we teach God’s sacred Bible stories with Godly Play we tell the stories; we don’t read them. We present them as we would share any moving, inspiring, amazing stories we want others to know about.

Our Wondering

How sad it would be if we merely heard the story and didn’t explore it, didn’t pull it on to see how it fits.