Our Story Schedule for 2019 – 2020

August 18   Creation Aug 25        The Flood and the Ark Sept 1         The Great Family Sept 8         The Story of Jacob Sept 15       The Story of Joseph Sept 22       The Story of Moses- The Beginning Sept 29       The Exodus Oct 6           The Ten Best Ways Oct...

The Story

The Story is the whole reason we’re here. We want to imagine ourselves into each of God’s sacred stories and parables and see what God has to teach us as we experience it.

Entering the Circle

Once we’ve taken time to get ready, we enter the classroom. But the getting ready must continue until all are in the circle, ready to begin.

Getting Ready

It’s so important to have a chance to get ready to enter the story before the story is told.

The Order of Things

The order of our time with Godly Play on Sunday mornings changes a little from time to time, but usually follows the same routine.

The Place

Let me share with you about our space, but remember that you don’t have to have big classrooms to enjoy Godly Play.