Frisking the Ordinary for the Presence of God

Welcome to I’m an author, a minister to children, a mom and new grandma, Chief Wrangler of Rosie The Woodchuck Dog and Jack The Unkempt Cat, and caretaker of Traveling Baby Jesus. I search my crazy life for God’s fingerprints, and then I write about them. I also drink coffee, fight piles of dirty laundry and dream of French pastries.

New Book!

The Holy Éclair: Signs and Wonders from an Accidental Pilgrimage

A church lady and mom of three moves to France and expects nothing will change to her faith. Watch what God does through chocolate and pastry, cider and the flea market, and all kinds of sacred nothings and divine nobodies!

When Baptists Play Host for Ramadan

If you read my title and have the urge to say, "When pigs fly!" then you don't know my Baptist people. In these days when the American president refers to unauthorized immigrants-even gang members- as animals, when Israeli soldiers kill dozens of unarmed protesters,...

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Twenty Kids, A Trail, and My Second Grade Hero

My friend Addison comes to a children's walk downtown prepared! "What a good idea," I said to her as we headed out of church to hit the trail, pointing to the toy binoculars around her neck. "Thanks," said the second grader, fingering a plastic lens. "It's in case I...

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