About Becky

Becky Ramsey writes books for children and adults which celebrate the mystery, magic and hilarity of ordinary life.

She’s also worked many years as a children’s minister (where she celebrated life’s mystery, magic, and hilarity too!)

Quick Quirky Facts About Becky

Apart from hanging out with my people, some of my favorite things include listening to kids talk, scouring flea markets for junk to put in my house, and spotting faces in everyday things. 

I like crepes with Nutella and banana, crossword puzzles on Sunday afternoons, and the sound of a gurgling creek.

I can walk for miles and miles and drink exceedingly hot liquids (which has always impressed my children. You claim your talents where you can!)

“The mostly genial Ramsey can also be satisfyingly snippy and droll.”

The New York Times

“Ramsey takes the mundane…and turns it into nuggets of delight.” 

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Rebecca Ramsey’s memoir, French By Heart, tells the delightfully down-home account of the four years she spent abroad with her South Carolina family– including three young kids and one elderly cat– faux pas and all.”

Redbook Magazine

About Becky’s books 

First there was French By Heart

Can a family of five from deep in the heart of Dixie find happiness smack dab in the middle of France?” Check it out and see for yourself! French By Heart, An American Family’s Adventure in La Belle France, published by Random House’s Broadway Books, tells the story of an all-American family pulling up stakes and finding a new home in Clermont-Ferrand, a city four hours south of Paris known more for its smoke-spitting factories and car dealerships than for its location in the Auvergne, the lush heartland of France dotted with crumbling castles and sunflower fields. The Ramseys are not jet-setters; they’re a regular family with big-hearted and rambunctious kids. Quickly their lives go from covered-dish suppers to smoky dinner parties with heated polemics, from being surrounded by Southern hospitality to receiving funny looks if the children play in the yard barefooted.

A charming tale with world-class characters, French By Heart reads like letters from your funniest friend. More than just a slice of life in France, it’s a heartwarming account of a family coming of age and learning what “home sweet home” really means.

But there was more to tell about her French life…

 As Becky spoke at book clubs, universities, and all sorts of gatherings about the many ways living in France changed her life, she couldn’t help but allude to the spiritual story that she didn’t share in French By Heart, the tale of how a holy card from the flea market set her on an accidental pilgrimage. As God lured Becky out of the pew and into the streets of France, she found herself on a journey of sorts, collecting an entire deck of unlikely saints and sacred ordinary things, each earning a card of its own. Whether encountering a silver haired prostitute or a girl in a clown nose,  taking in a bowl of cidre in a stranger’s garage or bringing a fairy godmother clock into her home, each holy moment whispered or sang or sneaked into her tired worker bee heart, teaching Becky the wildness of God’s love and divine grace.

Meet the ragtag saints and holy wonders she encountered in The Holy Éclair, Signs and Wonders from an Accidental Pilgrimage.

About  Becky’s Ministry Work:

Godly Play

The Children’s Ministry tab of this website is also where Becky does some of her work as a children’s minister, helping teachers prepare to share the sacred stories of the Bible in Godly Play style almost every Monday afternoon. Have you met Godly Play? Becky would be happy to introduce you to this creative form of Christian nurture that so artfully respects the innate spirituality of children.

Becky’s Children’s Sermons

Here Becky posts many of the children’s sermons she’s  shared with the children of her congregation. Many include all sorts of children’s books! Feel free to check them out.