About Becky

About the blog

Welcome to my blog home. I’m Becky and I’m so glad you’re here. I hope you’ll join me as we take ordinary life by the shoulders, stand it up gently and give it a good onceover for God’s handiwork, tousling its hair and emptying its pockets. If we give it a care-full frisking, something holy always falls out. I’ll be here each week, blogging about faith and family.

About Godly Play

This is also where I help teachers prepare to share the sacred stories of the Bible in Godly Play style almost every Monday afternoon. Have you met Godly Play? I’d love to introduce you to this creative form of Christian nurture that so artfully respects the innate spirituality of children, helping them to see where they fit in the holy stories and to find the holy stories in their own stories. Come to think of it, that’s what this whole blog is about!

About my books and other publications

First there was French By Heart…

Can a family of five from deep in the heart of Dixie find happiness smack dab in the middle of France?” Check it out and see for yourself! French By Heart, An American Family’s Adventure in La Belle France, published by Random House’s Broadway Books, was featured in newspapers such as The New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer, and in magazines like Redbook and Quick and Simple. Read a review by the New York Times and find out more about it here.

But there was more to tell about our French life…

As I spoke at book clubs, universities, and all sorts of gatherings about how living in France changed my life, I couldn’t help but allude to the spiritual story that I didn’t share in French By Heart, the tale of how a holy card from the flea market set me on an accidental pilgrimage. As God lured me out of the pew and into the streets of France, I found myself on a journey of sorts, collecting an entire deck of unlikely saints and sacred ordinary things, each earning a card of its own. Whether an encounter with a silver haired prostitute or a girl in a clown nose, a bowl of cidre in a stranger’s garage or a fairy godmother clock dressed in red, each holy moment whispered or sang or sneaked into my tired worker bee heart, teaching me the wildness of God’s love and what grace really means.

Meet the ragtag saints and holy wonders I encountered in The Holy Éclair, Signs and Wonders from an Accidental Pilgrimage.

You can find more about my writing here, including magazine articles and devotional work.

About my family

My favorite thing to do is to hang out with my family. May I share a little about them?

Husband Todd spends his days as my very own Michelin Man, cycles in his spare time and likes making things like homemade muscadine wine and fruitcake that people actually eat.

Daughter Sarah is an occupational therapist, helping patients in nearby Asheville learn to care for themselves. In return, they sing her songs and tell her stories and occasionally ask her to run off with them to Gatlinburg for the weekend. Too bad for them that she’s married to counselor Paul, who we affectionately call the Paulai Lama, because of the calming influence and free therapy he gives our family. They’ve recently given us our first grandbaby, Josiah, who is beautiful and brilliant, of course, and turns our hearts to globs of butter just by gurgling in our direction.

After four years away at college, middle child Ben is back at home again, attending medical school just five minutes from our house. We try to refrain from acting too excited that we get to enjoy his company, and he pays us back with fascinating details about diseases that we might get one day.

Youngest child Sam is a freshman in college, studying film way up in Chicago, where people don’t wear Chaco sandals and shorts in the middle of winter. (Hear me, Sam? Put on a coat!) He will always be our baby, even if he is 6’5”, so I’m sure I’ll spend this year missing how he’d always leave his size 15 shoes in the bathroom for me to trip over and the sweet way he’d ruffle my hair whenever I looked worried. Shoot, I shouldn’t have written that. Now I’m going to have to mail that boy some cookies.

Jack the Unkempt Cat’s favorite hobby is to snuggle under my neck at bedtime until I feel I might burst into flames. His buddy/arch-nemesis, Rosie, the Woodchuck Dog, prefers collecting sticks from our yard to bring in and chew up until our carpets resemble the forest floor. Lucky for them they’re cute.

About Me

Some quick facts on me? Apart from hanging out with my people, some of my favorite things include listening to kids talk, scouring flea markets for junk to put in my house, and spotting faces in everyday things.  I like crepes with Nutella and banana, crossword puzzles on Sunday afternoons, and the sound of a gurgling creek. I can walk for miles and miles and drink exceedingly hot liquids (which has always impressed my children- hey, you claim your talents where you can!) Writing and making things are my favorite ways to pray.