Speaking Experience

Becky loves speaking to all sorts of groups and has given talks at such varied places as the Upcountry History Museum, the University of South Carolina, Bob Jones University, as well as many book clubs and churches. She’s been a guest at the Upstate Women’s Show, and the Church and Synagogue Library Association. She’s been interviewed on radio by Mo Gaffney and Shana Wride of the nationally syndicated radio program Women Aloud and by Karen Ross of WGVC’s Connect with Karen.

Speaking Topics

For Faith Groups

Playing with God: Holy Wisdom from the Children in Your Life

When Jesus said we were to be led by children, what did he mean by that? What do kids have to teach us about faith, and how do we nurture this ability of theirs, celebrate it, and grow from it?

French Dip: A Baptism into Grace, Chocolate, and Holy Delight

Have you ever had a time in your life when you go to church and it feels like God has left the building? Becky shares the story of her accidental pilgrimage in France when God led her out of the pew and onto the streets of Clermont-Ferrand. See how God played hide and seek through all sorts of bizarre encounters, revealing the wildness of his love, and teaching her about what grace really means.

Twenty Ways to Pray with Your Child

Praying with your child doesn’t have to mean sitting still with folded hands. Becky shares more than 20 activities you and your child or grandchild can do together to spend time with God. It will energize her prayer life- and it may pump some life into yours, too!

Jesus in Disguise: Surprise Encounters with the God of Wonders

When we least expect it, Christ may show up in odd and beautiful ways, ready to nudge us, challenge us, laugh with us, and welcome us into his arms. If we’re not experiencing this already, what can we do to find God in the busy-ness of our days?

Speaking Topics

Becoming French By Heart

Can a family of five from deep in the heart of Dixie find happiness smack dab in the middle of France? 

Becky brings a carload of memories, pictures, and treasures of their French life to pass around as she recounts stories from the Ramsey’s French life- tales of Madame Mallet, the antique tomboy and French patriot next door, among other charming characters. The stories of mishaps and victories and pastries galore will have you dreaming of your own French adventure!

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We’d love to hear from teachers everywhere, not just the ones at our church! We hope you’ll join our circle and share your ideas!

Authors in the Making

Becky loves to visit schools! Invite Becky to speak to your class about how books get written, made, and sold. She’ll bring lots of show and tell! Adaptable for any age group, from kindergarten on up!

Your Story on the Page

Everyone has a story. Maybe the world needs to hear yours! Becky comes loaded with tools, hints and tricks to inspire and motivate you into getting your story on the page!

Speaking Fees

Becky is happy to work with you to find a speaking fee that will meet your budget and covers travel expenses. She enjoys bringing copies of her books to sell and sign at her events.

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A born storyteller, Becky Skaggs Ramsey both entertains and challenges her audience as she relates with great humor her spiritual struggles. Her courage and vulnerability in sharing her experiences could just help transform the lives of others. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow spiritually!

Sue Farr, Raleigh, North Carolina

Recently my husband and I enjoyed a delightful presentation by Becky Ramsey. Becky quickly engages you with stories and transforms everyday experiences into revelations about herself and God.  Her delivery is open, honest, and very appealing.  We were moved by hearing her speak!

Marty Babcock, Raleigh, North Carolina