This is the peace I missed this morning. These are the shades of green I missed-the green grass and the ivy and the darker green of the trees. This is the stream I missed with all its gurgling and birds that swoop down for a drink. There are squirrels too, dozens of them running up and down trees. And there’s honeysuckle to smell. So much honeysuckle.

Why did I say no to honeysuckle, squirrels, birds, a stream and so much green?

Why indeed! For the last few weeks I’ve said yes, most every day. I’ve gotten out of bed a little early to take a walk by myself. It was raining yesterday and I even managed to do it. I grabbed an umbrella and walked in the rain and it did my heart good. It always does. When I walk, I feel more hopeful. Sometimes I talk to God inside my head and other times my mind is quiet. Walking helps me feel happy and ready to start the day. The news doesn’t pull me down as much. I feel better in my skin. My creativity gets a jump start.

But this morning? I said no. And I can’t even blame these guys. Excuse the no-make up look there. Todd took this last night when I was already in bed and Jack and Jill had started their evening snuggling routine which involves them turning themselves into my own personal scarf made of cats. I’m not holding them there. I’m keeping them out of my book.

So what was so amazing and awesome that I’d trade it for my walk- for peace, for prayers, for feeling hopeful and happy, for a morning jolt of creativity and wonder?

Facebook. I stayed in my bed with my phone and spent a half hour scrolling through Facebook.

Ugh. It wasn’t a good choice.

Don’t misunderstand me. I love my Facebook friends. I love knowing what’s going on in their lives and celebrating with them and supporting them and enjoying them. I even like the articles and quotes and more articles, mostly. (Though some make me angry or think I need to be a better cook or move to another planet where politicians don’t make me want to strangle them.) But I NEED my walk. I NEED that peace, those happy chemicals that come with exercise, the calm, the green, the squirrels and birds and the serenity. It was a beautiful day and I started it grumpy.

Didn’t I just write a post on peace? Didn’t I write about the importance of taking care of yourself? Why do we skip things that we know will make us feel better?

I guess it doesn’t matter, really.

Tomorrow is another day, Rhett- I mean God. I’ll try again.

I guess that’s all we can do.