Did you know that when kids are about to turn four, they get amazing powers?

Daniel can hear the ocean from his chip bowl, turn his jammies into daywear (because it’s the weekend,) and fight off sleep with questions like Why do everybody have hair and a head? When exactly did Rudolph the Red-Nosed-Reindeer die? What if somebody did die and then I did cut their heart out and tie it to myself? What about dat, Mommy?

So when his big brother came home from school recently with two splinters in his hand, it was a lucky thing Daniel was there.

“Is he going to die?” Daniel asked.

“No, honey,” his mother said. “He’ll be just fine. I’m going to take the splinters out.”

Josiah had already consulted his buddy at kindergarten, a world renowned splinter expert. “He says warm water is the way to go. Whatever you do, don’t use tweezers. Tweezers hurt!” So, Mom poured a warm bath, Josiah settled in, and Daniel stood tub-side. Everyone waited for the magic to work.

Unfortunately, the splinters were stubborn. Mom had to get out the tweezers.

“Don’t worry, buddy,” Mom said. “Everything is going to be okay. Just put your hand out here, on my leg.”

“Wait,” Daniel said.

What was he going to do?

Like most brothers, their relationship can be volatile. One minute, Daniel loves his brother fiercely, and the next, he steals the Pez dispenser Josiah got for Valentine’s Day and eats the candy right in front of him. He yells if Josiah sings songs that are rightly his, and just yesterday, he bopped his brother on the head with Super Dog, his favorite crime fighter. (Super Dog is currently serving time on top of the bookshelf.)

“Here, Josiah,” Daniel said. “Let me hold your other hand.”

Josiah let him.

Sarah operated on one hand while Daniel held the other. She got the splinters out, and Daniel used his powers for good! Hooray for brotherly love! Hooray for supportive hand-holding!

And then Daniel poured cold water on his brother’s head. And life felt normal again.