I was planning to blog tonight about a heavier subject- about the fascinating/weird place Jesus took the disciples on retreat and what it had to do with the famous question he asked Peter.

So why is my featured photo one of a street bread cart in Jerusalem?

You can blame Rosie.

Rosie is our new puppy. We picked her up a week before I left for Israel. Here’s a photo from the spot in which we now spend so many lovely hours together- the ugliest part of my yard where she is supposed to go potty. Usually she just walks around, sniffing things, getting my hopes up, and then eating a mouth full of mulch or chasing a bee or her tail.

Rosie is cute but she’s naughty.

I’m exhausted.

So this is why I’m blogging about bread. It’s easy and uncomplicated and I can type about it while Rosie tries to yank the curtains off the wall.

Okay… so bread!

Ever since we arrived in Jerusalem we kept seeing bread carts like the one above.

One morning, Mary Carol and Debbie and I decided it was time to indulge. We got up early with hopes to buy our breakfast on the streets, so of course that day there was no vendor to be found. We walked through the quarter near our hotel and bumped into a man we had met a day earlier. He and his wife make beautiful bowls and tiles to sell in their shop. “Where do the locals go to find bread?” we asked. He gave us directions and had us repeat them back to us.

“There’s no sign by the door,” he said. “But they have the best bread.”

Our mouths watered.

Sure enough, no sign, just an open door. Do we go in? Do they speak English?

Yes, we go right in.

No, the bakers don’t speak English, but there

was a child who did.

We each bought a loaf.

It was warm and SO GOOD! Crusty, coated with sesame seeds. Heavenly with coffee.


Even Traveling Baby Jesus had to get into the act. But I guess that’s understandable.

He’s all about being the bread of life.

Maybe next time I’ll blog about Caesarea Philippi. Anybody for puppy sitting?