Check out the romantic thing my handsome prince said to me this morning after he got out of bed:
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah. Why?”
“Cause you look like a dead fish lying there. Like somebody just jerked you up out of the ocean and your mouth is all…(he sticks his tongue out–which I wasn’t even doing) and your eyes are wide open. You look like you’re tired of flapping.”
“You know, I AM tired of flapping.”

I guess people who love each other feel free enough to say weird things.
Things like these other quotes from my weekend:

“I, like, NEED to be Scarlett Johanson right now.” (Daughter.)


“Where’s the peanut butter?” (Husband.)
“Oh, Tanner took it out in the backyard.” (Youngest son.)

Doesn’t this dog look full to you?
Bad dog.

And another favorite:
“I need some cash. Do you have any?” (Middle child)

Then there was the conversation I had with my youngest after church on Sunday.
I waited until lunch was over and he was full and mildly happy, and then I said we need to talk.
“About what?”
“About your prayer in Sunday school.”
Sam had volunteered to do the closing prayer, and at the time, I was glad for him to do it. When I do the prayer, I usually make a blanket statement like “Help everyone we mentioned who is sick, and be with our pets…” This is because the children LOVE to participate with prayer requests, and along with the more serious requests, they tell us all about friends of friends who have colds, neighborhood dogs and cats who might be lost or coughing up way too many hairballs, people who threw up in class, et cetera. Our prayer list can be VERY LONG. But Sam always takes the time to go back through everyone’s prayer requests and makes sure he gets all the names again, so he can properly ask God for help. Except this time he added something which I thought was unnecessary.
“What was wrong with my prayer?”
“Nothing was wrong with it,” I said. “It’s just that when you stopped in the middle and said, ‘Let’s give it up to you for the sunny weather’ and then said, “Can I hear a booya, people?’ and several kids chorused ‘Booya,’ I just thought that was not appropriate.
Sam wrinkled his forehead. “Why?”
“Because it sounded like you were just trying to get attention.”
“I WASN’T TRYING TO DO THAT! It was sunny. Don’t you think we should thank God for sunny weather?”
“Of course I do. But why can’t you just say, ‘Thank you for the sunny weather.'”
“Because that’s boring. Don’t you think that with all the sick people and George’s lost cat, God could use a laugh?”
“Well, yes, but…”
Sam sighed and put his hands on his hips. “Come on Mom. You know I made God laugh.”
“Mom, you know I did!”
What can I say. I guess he’s right.

Have a great Monday, y’all!
Love, Becky