Welcome to the story of Creation, taken from Genesis 1:1-2:3, and also found in The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Vol 2, the orange book, 14 Presentations for Fall.
What a wonderful story about gift giving and creating! As it says in the Godly Play book, you can tell much about the giver by looking at the gift, and what an incredible gift creation is.
Be sure to ask the wondering questions. They’re simple but they invite deep thinking!
1. I wonder which one of these days you like best.
2. I wonder which day is most important.
3. I wonder which day you are in or which one is especially about you.
4. I wonder if we can leave out any one of these days and still have all the days we need.
Classes at FBC Greenville might want to take a mini-field trip down the hall and take a look at our world created in tiles years ago during Sunday school.

What can they find on the tiles that shows God’s creation?

For our Make a Gift for God time, here are some ideas to get the children started:
1. Since today is the last day before Promotion Sunday next week, you might want to have a little party with creation themed snacks. Bring me any receipts and I’ll reimburse you.
2. Choose a day (or assign a day) and invite the children to create and illustrate their own plaque or water color drawing- or clay sculpture or pencil drawing depicting that particular day. This could be done as a class mural or completed individually.
Here’s an example in which children did water colors and then put them together.
3.Each child could make her/his own set of days, as is shown here.
Check out dozens of more ideas at the Pinterest site here.
Thank you for all you do for our children!