This children’s sermon was given November 15, during our global pandemic, so it was experienced virtually rather than by children in the sanctuary (except for the children present to lead children’s sabbath virtually.) I’m posting it here in hopes that it can be helpful to someone.Good morning, girls and boys! I’m so glad you’re here with us!

Today as we worship God, we’re celebrating that we have these beautiful Bible stories like the ones Jesus told that some of our fifth graders acted out. We’re celebrating that over thousands of years people have shared these stories with their children, and then those children grow up and they share them with their children. You will too one day. And that’s a beautiful thing!

But lately I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am that we don’t just have stories about the people in the Bible. We have your stories- how you find God’s love & share it with the people around you. You do that- in your own way.

I want you to hear from our friend Ben Hamilton, who is part of our church family. Like all our leaders today, he’s a fifth grader at East North Street, and in this video, his teacher is asking some questions about how he shares love.


Teacher: What do you do to show your family that you love them? Do you hug them?

Ben: Yeah.

Teacher: Yeah.

Teacher: What do you do to help your family out?

Ben: When Mommy is sick I can help mommy to get better.

Teacher: How do you share your joy and happiness with your family?

Ben: Big smiling!

Teacher: What do you do that makes your family laugh?

Ben: Eat!

I wonder what he does when he’s eating to make them laugh. You kids are so good at making us laugh and find joy in life. I don’t know if you know this, but that’s a really important gift that God has given you- especially now, with this virus, when life is so upside down and we can’t do the things we normally do.

Jesus said, you are the light of the world. And kids, you really are! You bring light and joy and God’s love to your families & those around you. We’re so grateful.

Now I have one more thing to show you. Do you remember back in the spring, I sent each of you a piece of art paper and asked you to help me with an art project? You traced a hand and colored it in, and this week I finally put all of your hands together, to make a beautiful sun.

Here it is! All your hands extending like rays of the sun, with the verse, you are the light of the world at the center. It will go on our Children’s Hall, reminding us of that crazy time in 2020, when life turned upside down, but you brought us sunlight and hope and helped us make it through. We see God’s light in you. We’re grateful to God that God gave you that gift!

Let’s pray together. Dear God, thank you for children and the light and love and hope that they bring to our world. We love you, God. Amen.