This children’s sermon was written for World Communion Sunday, October 6, 2019.

Good morning girls and boys! I brought one of my favorite books with me today that reminds me of what we’re celebrating today in worship, in a way.  It’s All Are Welcome, by Alexandra Penfold. It’s about school, but when I read it, it reminded me of church. So I’m going to read part of it and when you hear a part that  reminds you of church, wave your hand.

So what sounds like church to you?

Today is World Communion Sunday, a day when people all over the world come to Jesus’ table and remember him through the bread and the wine/juice. We remember him and we give thanks that we are all welcome at God’s table, no matter what we wear when we play or if we come from far away. We can celebrate that we can be with God here, “where fear is lost and hope is found”, where we worship God with music and with art, where we share stories from God’s heart–where we’re part of God’s community and our strength is our diversity. We’re  all different, but we all are God’s children.

You are welcome here. It’s such an important thing to know. You are home. This is home! God is your home!

Let’s thank God with a prayer: Dear God, we thank you that no matter how far we go in the world, you are with us. Thank you that you welcome all, that you make a space for everyone. As people all over the world come to your table today, help us remember to make room for others in our lives too.  We love you, God. Amen.