This children’s sermon was written to accompany a sermon on March 24, 2019, about the responsibility of the church to do hard things. (Scripture was the story in which Jesus predicts his own death.) The preaching minister asked for me to talk with the children about what makes the church different from other groups and places of which we’re part.

Good morning girls and boys, today I wanted to ask us to think about a question: What makes what we do at church Christian and not just fun? To help us think about this, I brought some things in my bag that will remind us what we do together.

*Swim goggles-we went swimming last Sunday- that was fun, brought Hospice Care items

*Spade and cleaning tools from Inasmuch Day- that was fun- but it was also hard work

*Objects from choir and missions…(Praising God and telling others about God, helping people close by and far away)

*Sunday school story- we learn about Jesus and how we want to live our lives like him (Jesus story Godly Play)

*Trying again and again to welcome others and not just stay with friends (Welcome sign)

*Resist temptation to do things you know are wrong (Ten Commandments)

*Giving things away (Offering)

* Being brave to stand up for others (STOP sign)

So what do you think you’d say to the question? How is what we do as a church different than what we do other places? What makes it Christian?

We have fun together. But we come here to worship God and be like God and love each other. Sometimes the things Jesus asks us to do are easy and fun. And sometimes they are hard and tough. But we can do them because Jesus showed us how. We know Jesus did hard things and God helped him. God will help us too.

Let’s pray.

Dear God, thank you for church. Thank you that we can come here and you can teach us how to live and love better, when it’s easy but especially when it’s hard. We love you God. Amen.