When I learned that our Sunday sermon was going to be about grace I remembered this book and used it during our children’s sermon. Several years later, our sports loving kids are still picking it up from the display case in our children’s gathering room. They can’t get enough of this story because they can identify with it so well!

Good morning! I brought a book to share with you this morning. It’s written by Dan Gutman and illustrated by Kerry Talbott and it’s called, The Day Roy Riegels Ran the Wrong Way. Guess what it’s about.

(Let kids respond. 🙂 )

Read the book to them. (I had to shorten and summarize and skip some pages to get it all in within my 5-6 minutes time frame but it was worth it.)

I thought of this book when I read the scripture that Pastor Jim is preaching about today. Did you listen to the scripture earlier in our service? It’s all about how we can try to be perfect for God but it just won’t work. We will make mistakes! It’s a normal thing and we can use the mistakes by learning from them.  We don’t have to spend our life trying to impress others or even impress God about how perfect we are.  God wants us to quit making our life about being perfect and instead make our life about loving God. God loves us no matter what.

Dear God, please help us learn that you don’t need for us to be perfect, which we can’t be anyway. We just need to try to love and forgive like you love and forgive. We love you God. Amen.

*This children’s sermon was given June 12, 2016, Year C, Proper 6, 4th Sunday after Pentecost, illustrating Galatians 2:15-21.