This children’s sermon was given May 3, 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, to our online congregation. The preaching pastor had asked for a children’s sermon about the church and its mission.

Good morning, girls and boys! How are you doing today?

I want to talk to you about church today, and I wish you were here with me to do it, because I’d like to ask you a question and hear your thoughts. I’ll ask you anyway because I hope you’ll talk about it today with your families:  What is your favorite thing about our church? .

Because you’re not here, I asked myself that question. At first, I came up with a long list of places in our church that I love. Our baptistery, because people wade into it to show their own love story with God- that they want to follow Jesus their whole life long, want to be soaked in God’s love. I love that I now get to serve kids their first communion after their baptism. Liam, I brought yours to show you- it has your name on it, and it’s waiting with me when we get back together. 🙂

I love that our sanctuary is modeled after a tree, we come to sit under the branches to hear the best story of all, or to get married, or to sing with each other, like God’s big family reunion. And of course one of my favorite parts of church is the children’s hall, where we get to be with each other and hear the sacred stories from the bible and hear your sacred stories from your life that are so important to God- when you share yourself with all the adults who come be with you in Sunday school & missions & choir. The prayer umbrella that I stand under when we pray together- that kids who are now youth made years ago.

But this separation has really shown me that as beautiful as our building and the rooms are, they are nothing next to the beauty of the real church- the people in our church family. People who are new & those who’ve been here a long time. People like Gene and Betty Morin. I remember almost 30 years ago, taking my little toddler Sarah to their house for lunch with their daughter Mary Beth and her kids, Wilson and Andrew. Seeing how Gene and Betty have served God over the years– both in and out of the church, has become part of my history that I treasure.

I also love that our church is a growing place, and God has brought so many new beautiful people here to get to know and learn from. People who jump in and serve God, sharing their gifts and their stories. People like Michael Real and his family. With each new face, we can learn more about who God is and how God works in our world. I’m so thankful for each person. For each of you. Aren’t we lucky?

Let’s pray: Dear God thank you for our church, and how good it is that we can work together to serve and love and honor you. We do love you, God. Amen.