Welcome to The Good Shepherd and World Communion Sunday, scheduled for this Sunday, October 1, 2016. This lesson comes from The Complete Guide to Godly Play, 20 Presentations for Spring, by Jerome Berryman.

How wonderful for our children, who will be celebrating World Communion Sunday in worship, to have a chance to explore this idea of Christ as Shepherd of our world during Sunday school!

It’s a great time to remember the parable of the shepherd and apply this to World Communion Sunday, as well as a time to think deeper about communion-what it is and what it means. It’s a pretty short lesson, so that leaves plenty of time to discuss these big ideas. Children may want to talk about what communion is like for them. At our church some families include children in participating and others prefer that their children wait until they are baptized. It’s good for children to remember that whether or not we join in on the eating and drinking, we can be with God in our prayer during the communion time. God loves and wants to commune with everyone, no matter what.

Ideas for Art Response

  1. Of course, one response that children will love is to play with the pieces of the story. Children enjoy the story together, telling it to each other in groups of two or three.

2. Make a World Communion Circle for your class. Each child could make their own contribution- a clothespin person or the world out of paper or felt and put it all together.

3. Children could make their own elements from the story:  Jesus as Shepherd, the sheep, the fence, the table, the chalice or plate.

4. Or children could focus on the World part of World Communion Sunday…

 Use Model Magic to make it in 3D.

The children might enjoy a field trip to look at our world in tiles from a few years back.

5. You could also celebrate communion on your own in your classroom with juice and crackers. Bring me clean receipts and I’m happy to reimburse you!

For more response ideas, visit my Pinterest page on the subject, here.