This children’s sermon was given October 25, during our global pandemic, so it was experienced virtually rather than by children in the sanctuary. I’m posting it here in hopes that it can be helpful to someone.

Good morning, girls and boys. I’m so glad you’re here. I brought a book to share with you today. It’s called When the World Went Quiet, and it’s written by Tia Martina and Kelly Ulrich drew the pictures. It’s about what a strange thing that’s happened in our world while the virus has been around. I’ll share parts of it, and when we get back to church, you can read the whole thing!

[Read excerpts and show a few pictures.]

Have you heard about this happening? It’s true. I wonder what you think about this.

Quiet changes things, doesn’t it?

When you have quiet, what can you do that you can’t do when there is noise, even happy noise?

I wonder how God can use our quiet times.

I wonder how you can use quiet to speak to God.

Do you think you have to say things out loud? I wonder if you speak to God in the things you do when it’s quiet. What if you were to draw God a picture with your finger?

I wonder if your parents lit a candle for you and let you be quiet with that candle for maybe 3 minutes, what you might hear God say to you.

Or if you sat in nature- under a tree or beside a stream- like a fox in the garden or a monkey in the silent bells of Thailand- what you might hear God say to you.

Maybe you could try it. I’d love to hear about what your experience is like if you give it a try.

Let’s pray. Dear God, thank you for quiet in our lives. Help us to use quiet to calm our thoughts so we can hear whatever you might be saying to us. We love you, God. Amen.