Welcome to our Godly Play lesson for July 24, The Falling Apart: the Story of Adam and Eve, based on Genesis 2:4-3:24. You can find the story script in the pink book, The Complete Guide to Godly Play, volume 6, 15 Enrichment Presentations for Fall.

I really like the way Jerome Berryman shares this story, helping children see how Adam-Eve fell apart from God and “from the image of God in their deep selves.” Presented this way, we can remember that we came from a oneness with God, which God still wants for us, even though we live in a land of differences and separateness. This Godly Play script also recognizes that part of what we are to become is creators, like our God, taking things (and people) who have fallen apart and helping them come back together with God.

How will the children celebrate this story through art? They could focus on recreating all the elements of the story- Adam-Eve, the trees, the apple, the serpent. Or they could think about how we can imitate the God we follow by mending brokenness and by creating things ourselves. If you’d like more concrete ideas to show the children (to inspire them- not have them recreate exactly what has already been done) check out my pinterest page on this story, here.