Isn’t that a lovely hairdo?
Not really, but I’m going with it because it’s partly my fault. At least I allowed it.
Actually I enabled it. And not just for my bald-ish boy, but for five other young men who once sported beautiful, free flowing tresses.

These boys clearly enjoy their hair.
(Sorry about the photo fuzziness. It’s May in South Carolina and I’m already fighting the humidity condensing on my lens. Or maybe I’m just a rotten photographer.)

So why in heaven’s name would they come to my house and have their handsomeness defiled?
Defiled by a man whose main barbering experience comes from shearing a golden retriever? A man who once shaved a reverse Mohawk down the center of his baby’s head when the baby knocked the comb off the clippers, turning it into a razor, making him appear prepped for brain surgery when he had to go to preschool the very next day?

I’ll tell you why. Not only are these boys good at growing lovely hair, but they run fast. Fast enough to make it to the South Carolina championship for Track and Field tomorrow.
The team decided that getting Mohawk haircuts would be a great bonding experience. And think how intimidating they’d look!
I sure hope they run well, because a slow guy with a Mohawk just looks silly.

So anyway, they came, they sat, they got shaved.
Todd started with our Ben, just in case he didn’t really have any idea how to cut a Mohawk, which he didn’t. At least if he mauled the first one, he wouldn’t ruin somebody else’s baby’s beautiful head.

And it turned out great! (See first photo.)
A great time was had by all.
Even sweet Mark, who was almost left with a mullet.

Let me tell you, it was tempting.

Much hair was cut.

See what I mean?

Ooh. They’d sort of scare me if I didn’t know what sweethearts they are.
Good luck, Warriors!

(In case you’re wondering, they run the 4 X 4. )

So, any crazy shenanigans going on at your house this week/weekend? Do tell!
Have a wonder-full weekend, y’all!
Love, Becky

PS. If you have younger kids and sort of fear the teenage years to come, let this weird post be a strange comfort to you. It will be tricky, with moments you want to wring their necks and kick them out the door, but it can also be the BEST TIME EVER. 🙂