This children’s sermon was given January 31, during our global pandemic, so it was experienced virtually rather than by children in the sanctuary. I’m posting it here in hopes that it can be helpful to someone.

Good morning, girls and boys. I’m so glad you’re with us today. Do you ever get frustrated when you’re trying to do something or learn something and you want it to be perfect and it’s not? Ramon felt that way about drawing. Do you know Ramon? He’s the main character in a book called Ish by Peter H. Reynolds. I’m going to read it quickly to you and then we’ll talk about it.

[Read book]

So he let himself enjoy his own drawing, even if the vase looked vase ish. It didn’t have to be perfect. It could be what he could make it.

I wonder if that’s a way we can think about being like Jesus. Do you think we can be perfect like Jesus? Never say things that hurt others. Always be generous. Always be loving? Always do what Jesus would do? I don’t think so either.

But we can try, can’t we? Every day we can try again, do the best we can. We can be Jesus-ish, the closest we can make it. We can know God loves us no matter what. And tomorrow is another day to try.

Let’s pray. Dear God, help us remember that we can’t be perfect. Help us love the best we can. We love you, God. Amen.