How children love this book! I think I know why! (And it’s not just because David forgets to put on pants and walks down the street in his underwear!) Everybody gets in trouble. Everybody can relate.

Good morning girls and boys. I brought a book with me that I’d like to share with you this morning. Someone may have read it to you when you were little. It’s by David Shannon and it’s called David Gets in Trouble. I’ll read it quickly but you can enjoy a copy on our Children’s Hallway.

Read the book to them. (It’s short.)

I wonder if there is a character that acts like you in the story. Have you ever said any of these things or done any of these things? It was an accident! Do I have to? I couldn’t help it! Me, too. (Allow children to respond briefly.)

I wonder if there’s a character that acts like God in the story, and if so, how? (Allow children to respond.)

People aren’t all good or all bad, are they? No. Everyone has good moments and not so good moments- gifts and struggles. And it’s the same way when we come to church- just like in today’s Bible story.  We have things that we bring to God and to church that are really good. And we have things we need God to help us with- and we need our church to help us with. We come with our mix of good and bad, to be with God and try to do better. And isn’t that a good thing!

Let’s pray: Dear God, We come to you, knowing that we have good moments and bad moments. Help us as we learn to follow you more closely. Thank you for loving us no matter what. We love you too, God. Amen.


An afterthought: The week after I shared this children’s sermon, I blogged about something a child said in response to it that ministered to me- but that the congregation didn’t hear. Check it out here. 🙂