Happy New Year, friends!

A couple of weeks ago, I was rushing around, doing some late Christmas shopping when something weird happened.

A little imp jumped in my basket and begged me to take him home.

See him there?

I was supposed to be shopping for other people–not me! Besides, what on on earth did I need with an old ceramic Humpty Dumpty?

I didn’t know it then, but HE’S MY PERFECT MASCOT FOR 2024!

Okay, before I explain why you should make him yours too, I should be honest here. He didn’t jump in my basket–I didn’t even have a basket. I picked him up and held him to my heart like a long lost friend, because we’d fallen in love (it was probably just me) back in August, when my friend Ryan offered him in one of her Instagram sales. (If you love cool, retro stuff of all kinds, check out @greystreetmarket on Instagram! Or see more of her stuff in person at Artifacts in Greenville SC.) I’d scrolled on, trying my best to ignore him because I have enough junk. But there he was on her table at Artifacts, waiting for me.

I brought Humpty home and sat him on a pedestal above my coffee grinder. That way I’d get to see him all the time.

What did he have to say to me? Why was I drawn to him so? Was it the rhyme–you know, how he sat on a wall and had a great fall? He wasn’t exactly inspiring. An egg, smashed on the courtyard, not able to be put back together again, even with all that help from royalty.

But the more I thought about him –and the more coffee I drank– the more I understood his story.

I don’t do resolutions, really, but I do reflect on the years past and set goals for the future, and one thing I want to do more of in 2024 is to keep getting off the wall where it’s safe and quiet and be my whole self–who I’m made to be. Even if I come across as silly or weird.

Humpty reminds me to let myself fall! Break myself wide open! Dare to do what I feel called to do, even if it makes me so unrecognizable  that people wrinkle their faces and ask, “What happened to her?”

I could sit on the wall, looking round and shiny, but there are things I want to try! And if I end up broken into a million zillion pieces, that’s okay. Broken people are my favorite.

So, today I’m celebrating Humpty Dumpty, my Official Mascot of 2024. I even made him a fancy  headdress for the occasion.

See? If he didn’t have that big hole in his head, he couldn’t wear it!

Happy 2024, friends! I wish you much JOY, all year long!

Love, Becky