This children’s sermon was written to fit the theme that God always holds the last page in our stories- that when things look bad, God has the last word. The scripture preached on during the sermon was Zechariah 14:12-21.

Good morning girls and boys! I have a book to share with you today. It’s called We Shall Overcome, The Story of a Song. Do you know that song? It’s written by Debbie Levy. I’ll read a little of it and we can talk about it.

Read all of first page.

(Read the first few pages, then skim the rest, depending on your time restraints, all the way to when it refers to the song reaching people in other countries.)

The song held hope and went all across the world. To South Africa, India, the Middle East, to East Germany, wherever people worked for a better life. The message is powerful! It’s powerful because at the root of the message is LOVE- we are ALL human, made & LOVED by God! Because of LOVE, the MOST POWERFUL THING- we can overcome.

Is racism gone? No. There are many people who still try to have power over others. But they don’t know the secret- they may want power, but God’s love is so much more powerful. In the end, Love wins. So what do we do?We look within ourselves, to make sure that we are acting with justice and mercy, and we keep joining in God’s work, loving others and standing up for justice and mercy. And we keep trusting that even in the darkest times, God has a good ending to the story. In the end, Love wins.

Let’s pray: Dear God, Help us trust you when we go through really hard things. Remind us that You will have the last word in our story. We love you, God. Amen.