Good morning girls and boys. A few weeks ago during the children’s sermon, we talked about how God created us to feel different emotions- like the ones from “Inside Out”. Today I want to talk about one of those guys in particular. This guy.

(Show photo of the character, Anger.)

Have you been angry in the last twenty-four hours? I’m sorry.  Sometimes we get angry over important things other people do (like seeing someone mistreated) and sometimes we get angry over silly things (like when your brother is annoying you in the car). Sometimes we get angry at ourselves. (Like when we can’t do the math homework.)

How do we know that someone is angry? (Let kids respond- if they don’t, add their face turns red, muscles tense, they want to break something. They may stop talking to you – some people hold it in, get stomach aches or cry.)

What Should I do if I get angry? What do you think God would want us to do?

Losing control never helps anything.

Admit that you are angry and try to figure out why.

What can you do to keep this from happening again? Ask for ideas.

Here are responses to add if they don’t give them:

It helps to talk to an adult about your anger. (Instead of ripping up your notebook, ask for help with your homework)

*Talk to a friend you trust

*Count to 10

*Give or get a hug

*Run around the house or do jumping jacks

*draw a picture of your anger

*Sing really loudly with the stereo

*Do something- take a bike ride, play basketball

*Visit Meanie McMadface (the monster rag doll I keep in my office that kids can pull on or punch or throw if mad.)

God made us to have feelings, and it’s okay to feel them and try to figure out why they’re there. It’s not okay to take anger out on other people. But sometimes anger can help us understand what changes need to happen, and make those changes to make the world more like God wants it to be. We can change ourselves and help others around us.

Dear God, thank you for all our feelings. When we feel angry, help us do what we need to do to figure out where those feelings come from, and try to talk about whatever is bothering us. Help us as we try to become closer to you. We love you God. Amen