This children’s sermon was given May 10, 2020, during our coronavirus pandemic. I’m sharing it here in case it might be useful to someone. 

Good morning, girls and boys! How are you doing today? I brought some things to share with you to help us talk about staying healthy. I bet you might know what I brought. What do you think is in my bag?

(Share what is in the bag and why, including a mask, hand sanitizer, measuring tape, soap, a miniature door.)

These are things that help us stay healthy as people during the coronavirus.

Staying healthy is important because when we’re healthy, we can feel good- the way God made us to feel. And we can do important things, like loving each other, serving each other, taking care of each other. Staying healthy is a way to serve each other.

I wonder about other kinds of ways to stay healthy- things we can do to keep our faith healthy, our relationship with God healthy, our church healthy.

Share the following items:

* A candle- churches can be healthy when we pray together & connect with God

* A heart decoration made of people — churches can be healthy when we make decisions together- not just one person-love centered

* A magnifying glass- churches can be healthy when it’s normal and safe to ask lots of questions – about scripture and about the way we do things at church

* The Norman Rockwell painting that depicts people of many races and religions praying together- churches can be healthy when we respect others who think differently than we do and remember that each person is a child of God)

* Peace sign- churches can be healthy when peace and mercy are respected values.

* A banana or other fruit- churches can be healthy when we demonstrate he fruits of the spirit

* A lion- churches can be healthy when we act bravely, knowing that we can do hard things with God’s help

It’s good to take care of our bodies, and it’s good to take care of our hearts and souls and beliefs- so that we can feel good & live the kind of lives God hopes for us.

Let’s pray:

Dear God, thank you for our bodies, and our hearts and souls. And thank you for our church. Help us examine the way we live and act, to make sure that we are living the healthy, loving lives you imagine for us. We love you, God. Amen.