This children’s sermon was given March 15, 2020. Our children’s sermon that day was supposed to be given by a youth member as part of Youth Sunday. Instead, I gave this one as part of the first service offered without our congregation present, during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. 

Good morning, girls and boys! Well this is a different way to do a children’s sermon, isn’t it? I wish we could be sitting together and I could see you and hear your ideas, but I’m glad you’re watching or listening anyway. If you were here, I’d ask you about how you’re feeling. How are you feeling? If you have questions or are feeling worried it’s so important to talk with the adults who love you.

I’m so glad we have each other — and we have God with us, whether we’re in our church building or not. You can talk to God about your feelings too. God listens. Do you remember the words that we sing when the children’s sermon is over? God be with you here. God be with you there. God’s love will always hold you tight. Even when you’re out of sight!

Since you and your parents missed Sunday school and God is with you there, I wonder if you could have Sunday school at home and YOU could be the teacher.

Over lent in Sunday school, we’ve been remembering all the stories of Jesus’ life.

In each of these stories, Jesus is growing and learning and becoming the person God made him to be.

(I wonder if later, after church is over, you can teach Sunday school to your family- tell the stories on these tiles.)

We’re all working on becoming who God wants us to be. Do you think that stops if we can’t come to church? If we can’t go to school? I wonder what you’ll do this week to help us grow and learn and become the person God made us to be?


  1. Kids need to grow- can you grow well?
  2. Kids need to play- can you play well?
  3. Kids need to learn- can you learn well?
  4. Kids who want to grow closer to God learn a lot by serving and loving others– can you do that without being at church?

In strange times, it’s also important to watch how people are helping each other, and think about how you might take part in that.

I wonder what kind of helping you and your family might do? I’d love for you to email me and tell me what you decided to do to help others. It’d be fun to read!

Let’s pray together.  Dear God, No matter where we are this week, whether we’re at home or school, help us work on growing and learning and becoming the loving people you made us to be. Thank you for Jesus, who shows us the way. We love you, God. Amen.