Good morning girls and boys. I’ve got a guessing game for you. I’m thinking of a movie. The first line is:  “Do you ever look at someone and wonder, ‘What’s going on inside their head?’  Well, I know.  Well, um, I know Riley’s head.”

That’s right. I’m thinking of “Inside Out”. Inside Out is about a girl named Riley who is uprooted from her life in the Midwest and moves to San Francisco, and all her emotions are in an uproar as she tries to get used to all the new things. 

(Introduce emotions by showing a pic of each of the characters from the movie and having them guess which is which. Just google it to find the pics.)

Raise your hand if you’ve had this feeling this weekend. (Call each one individually and let kids raise their hands.)

Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, Anger

Yes, things in our days-in our lives- change all the time, so part of being human is that our feelings change too. That’s how God made us.

We can see in the Psalms that it’s okay to talk to God about all your feelings.

(Now read each line from a psalm below, letting them identify which feeling each line expresses.)

83- My God! I’ve had it with them!    Blow them away! Knock the breath right out of them, so they’re gasping for breath, gasping, “God.” (Anger)

96- Let Wilderness turn cartwheels,Animals, come dance,Put every tree of the forest in the choir—13 An extravaganza before God as he comes (Joy)

12-How much longer will you forget me, Lord? Forever? How much longer will you hide yourself from me? (Disgust)

17-Deadly enemies surround me; they’re around me now, wherever I turn(Fear)

39-Hear my prayer Lord, and listen to my cry; come to my aid while I weep. (Sad)

Feelings change all the time. But the thing that doesn’t change? God is present with us through each one. God stays right with us and listens-even when it’s too hard for our parents. God can help us through them, the happy and the sad.

Let’s pray. Dear God, thank you for staying with us through the easy times and the hard times. We’re so glad you’re there, God. We love you. Amen.