This is a children’s sermon prepared for Foundation Sunday. 

Good morning girls and boys. Today a brought a gift with me, because today is Foundation Sunday, a day all about celebrating gifts that God uses! I thought we could open it up and see what’s inside. More gifts!

Let’s see what we have:

Bibles and vitamins for Amani Sasa (Uganda)- Amani Sasa ministers to vulnerable refugees in Uganda. One thing- Childcare/nutrition for women/children, Bibles

Children’s book in Spanish- Baptist Church of the Way (Guanajay, Cuba)- one thing they’re using the money for is to furnish the community library

A toy bike- to remind us of Momentum Bike Clubs- in schools or neighborhoods, helping kids who need extra help growing up – speakers, field trip, transportation

Speaking of bicycles, when we give to the Foundation, we become part of a gift cycle! What does it mean to be part of a cycle? People give money to the Foundation at church- a special pot of money, separate from the offering we give-  used for God in our community and around world. The people who take care of that pot of money find organizations here in Greenville and all around the world that help people, like God asks us. The organizations spend that money to help others- they’re the experts and know how best to do it. Then we get to hear those stories and learn from those people, which is a gift back to us. And we know that the money we gave went just to the right place to help people we don’t even know!

We just opened three gifts, but there’s a long list of organizations who received the money in the order of worship. I hope you’ll look at it and see all the places where Foundation gifts went.

Let’s pray.

Dear God, thank you that we have all sorts of ways to serve you by helping others, people close to us and people we may never even meet. Help us give to others the loving way you give to us. We love you God. Amen.