How I LOVE this book, Home by Another Way, by Barbara Brown Taylor! I’d been waiting months for Epiphany Sunday so I could share it in a children’s sermon, and it was worth the wait! Taylor has such a gift for helping us think outside the box about faith, and as usual, her words were moving and often funny and profound.

Since I only have about 6 minutes and I timed the reading of it to be a little more than 8 minutes, I flew through it, summarizing pages here and there. I wish I could have read every single word. It would definitely be worth the extra few minutes!

For this children’s sermon, I simply shared the book, and then prayed this prayer: Dear God, thank you for the tug you place in our hearts. Help us continue to draw close to you, again and again, as we go through each day of 2019. We love you, God. Amen.