This Children’s Sermon was given virtually Feb 21, 2021. The preaching pastor was preaching on Mark 8:27-33, when Jesus asks the disciples at Caesarea Philippi who do people say that he is.

Good morning girls and boys! I’m so glad you’re with us today.

I have a question for you- and it’s about asking questions. When we want to know about something, one of the best things we can do is ask questions. This is true about our faith too. It’s good to ask plenty of questions about God. Are there any questions we shouldn’t ask God? I hope you’ll be thinking about that.

There’s a book I like that you might know. It’s called Does God Know How to Tie Shoes, and in it, a girl named Katrina asks lots of questions.

Some of them are ones like:  Mama, how does God talk?  Mama, does God get cold and hungry? Does God ever cry, Papa? Does God go to sleep, Papa?  [Read responses to a few of the questions in the book]

In the book, the parents give Katrina answers. But sometimes questions are really hard, and adults might not know. Adults don’t know everything. The thing about God is that as much as we know and love God, God is a mystery. And some questions are really hard, like Why do bad things happen to people? Why is life unfair? Why doesn’t God stop people getting hurt?

Do you think it’s okay to ask questions like that?

I do. I think it’s okay to ask exactly those questions. Ask your parents, ask your friends. Ask the Bible- read and look for clues! Ask God. Those are deep mysteries, and they take lots of thinking. We might never know the answer to them.

But be sure to ask one other person. Ask yourself. We learn when we ask ourselves questions. When we ask ourselves and invite God to help us think about it, we get closer to God, even when the questions are hard we still don’t know the answer. Be sure to also share what you think about the questions you ask. You children have ideas that we can’t think of, because we’re not children anymore. Share your ideas. We need your ideas.

One thing we know for sure is that nothing we do or say or ask will stop God from loving us. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Let’s pray: Dear God, thank you for welcoming our questions. Help us keep asking you about yourself our whole lives long. We love you, God. Amen.