Welcome! You’ve happened upon my children’s sermon for Easter of 2018, either accidentally or by because you were looking for it. Either way, I hope it’s helpful to you!

Just a note before I share it, when I write out the script that I hope to give (sometimes I forget parts or the Spirit – or the kids- lead me in different directions) I write out all the words I plan to say, partly because I want to be sure to adhere to the 3-6 minutes time slot it’s given, and writing out all the words makes it easier for me to see if it’s likely that I can do that or not.

Easter won’t again fall on April Fool’s Day until the year 2029, but it might come close, (or you might use it in a different way) so here’s my children’s sermon for Easter of 2018.

Good morning, girls and boys and Happy Easter! Easter is the biggest happiest celebration the church has, celebrating God’s powerful, mysterious love for us and I’m so glad you’re here today for the party.

You know what I love about Easter this year? Today is also what day- April Fool’s day: the day we play fun tricks on each other – to surprise each other. In France it’s called April Fish. You draw a picture like this of a fish and tape it to someone’s back when they’re not looking. When they find it you say, Surprise! April Fish!

This is perfect for Easter, because a fish is a symbol for believing in Jesus! So people are walking around on Easter marked with a fish on their backs!

I would imagine that God loves that, because God is a god of surprises! When God sent Jesus it was one surprise after another.

People thought God would send a king, but surprise, he came as a baby to a poor family. Was it a trick? No. Just God being God.

People thought he’d hang out with religious people, but surprise, he picked out people that everyone else thought were unimportant, forgotten, bad. Was it a trick? No, Jesus being Jesus.

People thought he’d talk like the religious people. But surprise, he said things like if you want to really be rich, get rid of your stuff so you’re not attached to things and can be attached to God. Was it a trick? No, Jesus being Jesus.

Even when the world tried to kill God’s son- when they put him on a cross and killed his body, people thought it was over. But surprise! You can’t kill God’s love. It’s that powerful! Was it some kind of trick? No. God being God.

God raised Jesus back to show the world that it couldn’t kill God’s love for them, no matter what. But also- surprise! He came back for each of us. To walk beside us as we do the hard things to try to live like Jesus. We wear his love like the fish on our backs- marked by a God who loves us and delights in surprising the world. To celebrate that I have some chocolate fish candy to share with you

Let’s pray: Dear God, thank you for surprising the world with a love so BIG that the world can’t kill it, or even understand it. Help us remember to live in that love- and share it with others. We love you God. Amen.


Here’s an extra treat for blog readers. I wish I could give you chocolate, but since I can’t, enjoy this Poisson d’Avril postcard! 🙂