This children’s sermon was given virtually March 7, to acccompany a sermon on the playful nature of God.

Good morning girls and boys. I’m glad you’re with us today!

Have you met the Dullards? I wanted to tell you a little about this book today. It’s called Meet the Dullards, and it’s by Sara Pennypacker. It’s a really fun story about a family – there’s Mr. and Mrs. Dullard, and children Blanda, Borely, & Little Dud.

Mr. and Mrs. Dullard have a problem. One day they find out that their children are not dull like they are! They want to play and have fun! They catch them reading books! So they take the books away and give them blank paper to read instead.

The kids go outside—but wild things are happening out there! Last fall the leaves turned color. And a terrible commotion was happening in the driveway! (It was a snail, crawling across it!)

They do all sorts of things to try to keep their kids dull—they move to a new house, they paint over all the exciting wall paper and spend the whole day watching the paint dry, but their kids always seem to find fun.

I think they might as well give up. Those kids and us too—we’re a reflection of who God who created us. We are made in God’s image! We couldn’t be dull if we tried, because we’re children of a God who likes to play!

We don’t always think of God as playing, but God plays! And I brought proof! Take a look at these pictures of things God created. God made things like llamas! And fish like this! And trees that sometimes put on a show with the colors they turn! Not too long we’ll see this here in Greenville, bushes and trees and flowers will bloom! And dogs!

I wonder if today, you could look for examples of how God plays.

You might just look in the mirror, because you are so fun and so funny! You always make me laugh. You are made in God’s image. God loves to play and create and be full of joy. And you do too! I’m so glad we’re like that- and not like Mr. and Mrs. Dullard.

Let’s have a prayer together: Dear God, thank you for making us people who play and like to laugh, because you play and laugh as you love us. We love you too God. Amen.